Saturday, March 30, 2013

Join Bit Billions

Bit Billions is the first business opportunity to pay its members in Bitcoins.   If you haven't been watching lately, Bitcoins have risen from nowhere to almost $100 a piece in recent months.

What is Bitcoin? Its the first Peer to Peer digital crypto-currency.  Bitcoins can be sent anywhere in the world to anyone you want without going through a middle man.  They are totally decentralized which means they cannot be shut down like other digital currencies in the past. (egold)


What is Bit Billions? 

For 10 years, an organization known only as GBBG has been quietly developing technology poised to revolutionize the Internet and mobile communication. This organization is an autonomous group of programmers and web developers working toward one common goal: to create a system so disruptive it completely changes the entire Internet. GBBG is on the verge of releasing it's core product. 

The organization's technology is poised to amass sales in multiple billion $$ industries. However, it is uniquely designed as a peer-to-peer, cloud-based, public domain project. In other words, there are NO OWNERS. This is not a corporation, it is a non-corporation. No entity or group of people will own or control GBBG. There are not shareholders, board members, or officers. This project is 100% for humanity, by humanity.

As a non-corporation, GBBG will not hoard assets or revenues. Rather, it will freely distribute all revenues generated to the members of the organization according to their use of the technology. The software and core platforms will be offered to all members ABSOLUTELY FREE, regardless of race, nationality, religion, or gender. Members will NEVER be required to buy anything or pay membership fees. Every minute a member uses the technology, they will earn a point. Each month, GBBG will share its revenue with the members according to the number of points earned.

GBBG intends to replace or offer highly competitive alternatives to many of the major software applications available today. The organization will provide most services absolutely free to all people. However, there will be some premium services (currency exchange, payment processing, sales of digital items, sales of books, sales of music, sales of movies, etc.) that earn revenue for the organization. As a public domain project, these revenues will be shared among the public domain.


Bit Billions is still in Pre-Launch and Bit Billions is offering founders positions.  If you'd like to earn Bitcoin during prelaunch just simply refer people using your affiliate link.  Your Bitcoins will be sent to you instantly when someone joins up. 


Before you can start with Bitcoins
1. Go to and click "wallet" at the top.

2. Create yourself a free Bitcoin wallet.

3. After your wallet is created, you will see an address in there.  It will look something like


This is your bitcoin address.  Whenever you want to receive coins from anyone, all you need to do is give them this address.  You will give BitBillions this address when you join. 

Visit BitBillions  <-- Click Here and click the Join Now button.