Tuesday, December 1, 2015

MMM Global Pays 100% interest per month on your Bitcoin deposits

MMM is great, its people sharing money with others that need it.  As a reward MMM Global will pay you 20% per month on your deposits.  If you do one small web task a day you will get 100% return on your money per month.  Refer your friends and you can even make more money.

MMM is something new.  If you'd like to learn more visit http://mmmglobal.org/?i=redbeans1978@gmail.com and read how it works.  If you have any questions call Mike at (828) 201-2790 

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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Invest your spare Bitcoin into MMM Global

Visit MMM Global Homepage and Sign up

Do you want that beautiful wife 
that beautiful house
or that beautiful car?

Well you can have it. 

Just join MMM Global and we'll give you 100% interest per month on your bitcoin deposits
deposit 1000 dollars and after a month you'll have 2
then 4 then 8 
withdraw whenever you'd like

We don't hold anybody's funds, all transactioins are member to member using bitcoin.

No funds to seize no funds to run off with

Now I know what you're saying

Its a pyramid

Well you bet it is. 

Go to our homepage, and it says the goal is to collapse the world financial system by making a huge pyramid

There's a chance you can make alot of money,
and there is also a chance you can lose it all at some point.
Isn't that exciting. 

Monday, November 23, 2015

Grow your Bitcoin by 100% per month by joining MMM Global

Looking for a place to invest your Bitcoins to make them grow?  Check out this short introduction to MMM global.  

MMM Global Introduction and Signup Process (English)

     During the last run up to 500 dollars I found out MMM Global.  It was created by a famous Russian Sergei Mavrodi known for his pyramid scheme in the early 90's.   After attracting millions of investors, the government finally shut it down and it collapsed.  If you are interested in his motivation behind that pyramid scheme you can watch the video below.

    Basically he was upset that the Russian Oligarchs were able to buy land and resources for pennies on the dollar after the fall of the Soviet Union.  He wanted to create a pyramid to generate lots of money so he could buy it all back, and distribute everything to the people in his pyramid..  (which was apparently close to 1/3 of the entire Russian population)

     In 2011 Mavrodi launched a new pyramid called MMM Global, using the currency Bitcoin.  The company holds nobodys funds, all transfers are from member to member.  This is a very good thing. MMM global only keeps track of who owes who what.  Mavrodi makes it very clear on the homepage that his goal is to help collapse the unjust world financial system pyramid, and the only way to do that is with a more efficient pyramid.

So far MMM Global has been very successful especially in Asian countries.  Just one search for "MMM Pays" on youtube shows hundreds of videos uploaded daily with people showing you how much they are making.

     After you "Provide help"  to another member you will immediately start earning interest of 20% per month on your deposit.  If you do one daily webtask like posting to twitter, facebook etc.  Your interest rate will be bumped to 100% per month.  If you do not "Get Help" after 30 days, you will start earning money on that interest too (compound interest).  You can withdraw at any time by using the "Get Help" Button.

     You can sign up and look around without having any Bitcoin on hand.  If you would like to join, you can start with as little as $10 worth of Bitcoin to test the waters.

Click here then click the registration button to join up.

Disclaimer: MMM global makes it very clear that there are risks involved here, so please only use money you are willingly to possibly lose.   MMM Global has been running since 2011. 

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Join Bit Billions

Bit Billions is the first business opportunity to pay its members in Bitcoins.   If you haven't been watching lately, Bitcoins have risen from nowhere to almost $100 a piece in recent months.

What is Bitcoin? Its the first Peer to Peer digital crypto-currency.  Bitcoins can be sent anywhere in the world to anyone you want without going through a middle man.  They are totally decentralized which means they cannot be shut down like other digital currencies in the past. (egold)


What is Bit Billions? 

For 10 years, an organization known only as GBBG has been quietly developing technology poised to revolutionize the Internet and mobile communication. This organization is an autonomous group of programmers and web developers working toward one common goal: to create a system so disruptive it completely changes the entire Internet. GBBG is on the verge of releasing it's core product. 

The organization's technology is poised to amass sales in multiple billion $$ industries. However, it is uniquely designed as a peer-to-peer, cloud-based, public domain project. In other words, there are NO OWNERS. This is not a corporation, it is a non-corporation. No entity or group of people will own or control GBBG. There are not shareholders, board members, or officers. This project is 100% for humanity, by humanity.

As a non-corporation, GBBG will not hoard assets or revenues. Rather, it will freely distribute all revenues generated to the members of the organization according to their use of the technology. The software and core platforms will be offered to all members ABSOLUTELY FREE, regardless of race, nationality, religion, or gender. Members will NEVER be required to buy anything or pay membership fees. Every minute a member uses the technology, they will earn a point. Each month, GBBG will share its revenue with the members according to the number of points earned.

GBBG intends to replace or offer highly competitive alternatives to many of the major software applications available today. The organization will provide most services absolutely free to all people. However, there will be some premium services (currency exchange, payment processing, sales of digital items, sales of books, sales of music, sales of movies, etc.) that earn revenue for the organization. As a public domain project, these revenues will be shared among the public domain.


Bit Billions is still in Pre-Launch and Bit Billions is offering founders positions.  If you'd like to earn Bitcoin during prelaunch just simply refer people using your affiliate link.  Your Bitcoins will be sent to you instantly when someone joins up. 


Before you can start with Bitcoins
1. Go to http://blockchain.info and click "wallet" at the top.

2. Create yourself a free Bitcoin wallet.

3. After your wallet is created, you will see an address in there.  It will look something like


This is your bitcoin address.  Whenever you want to receive coins from anyone, all you need to do is give them this address.  You will give BitBillions this address when you join. 

Visit BitBillions  <-- Click Here and click the Join Now button.